To the Authors

The Business Management journal publishes research articles, methodological articles and studies, review articles, book reviews, commentaries and good practice reports.

Submission of materials may be made:

  • Electronically at one of the following e-mail addresses: or

  • Language of submitted manuscripts:

  • The authors present the manuscripts in English, whith the aim for them to be included in the publication in the paper copy and the electronic edition of the journal.

  • Authors from outside Bulgaria should submit their manuscripts in English.

  • No fee is required from authors for the publication of submitted materials.

    Authors are not paid for being published in the journal.
    Note:  The submitted manuscripts must be based on original research. They must not have been published before or undergo review prior to publishing by other publishing houses (we use StrikePlagiarism to check manuscripts).

    Authors must complete a Declaration of Authorship, which can be downloaded from the journal’s website.

    Upon approval for publication, the manuscripts are edited by style and copy editors.

    The submitted manuscripts should meet the following requirements:

    1. Length:

  • Articles: between 12 – 20 pages;

  • Other publications (review articles, book reviews, etc.): between 5 – 10 pages.

  • 2. Layout:

  • Title – should be clear, well–formulated and comparatively short;

  • Abstract – up to 30 lines and should resemble a conclusion, outlining the goals, methodology and results of the research. To be presented as follows:

    • Background: Place the question addressed in a board context and highlight the purpose of the study:

    • Methods: briefly describe the main methods or treatments applied;

    • Results: summarize the article's main findings;

    • Conclusions: indicate the main conclusions or interpretations;

  • Keywords – three to five; they should present an accurate and comprehensive description of the article;

  • JEL classification code for papers in the subject of Economics (;

  • Introduction – should be from half a page to a page long, stating the main ideas and/or objectives of the study and should justify the relevance of the issue discussed.    

  • The main body of the paper – should contain discussion questions, an outline of the study and research findings/main conclusions with the following structure:

    • Methodology

    • Results

    • Discussion

    • Conclusions

    Bibliographical citations and additional notes, explanations and comments done according to APA style.

  • Conclusion – should provide a summary of the main research points and be supported by sufficient arguments.

  • References – authors should first list references written in the Cyrillic alphabet, followed by references written in the Latin alphabet.

  • 3. Technical requirements (an article template can be downloaded from the journal’s website):   
  • Format – Microsoft Word for Windows;

  • Font – Times New Roman, size 14 pt, line spacing 1.5 lines;

  • Page size – 4, 29–31 lines and 60–65 characters per line; 

  • Line spacing 1.5 lines (at least 22 pt); 

  • Margins  – Top – 2.54 cm; Bottom – 2.54 cm; Left – 3.17 cm; Right – 3.17 cm;

  • Page numbers – bottom right; 

  • Footnotes  – size 10 pt; 

  • Graphs and figures – Microsoft Word 2003 or PowerPoint; the tables, graphs and figures must be embedded within the text (to facilitate language correction and English translation); Font for numbers and internal text – Times New Roman, 12 pt; 

  • Formulae must be created using Equation Editor;

  • Title of article: title; name, scientific degree and scientific title of the author – font: Times New Roman, 14 pt, capital letters, Bold – centered; 

  • Employer and address of place of employment; contact telephone(s) and e-mail; ORCID-iD – Times new Roman, 14 pt, capital letters, Bold – centered.

  • Declaration: download here

    Template: download here